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What is a bad smell in the hole of the earrings?
345 views · Dec 20, 2021
Sometimes unpleasant odors emerge from pierced holes that earrings may not have been installed for a long time.

Let’s see in details what can cause your Earring Holes Stink and then how to solve it using an hear Earwax Removal ‌ kit to clean them correctly.

Earring hole smells common causes

1 No Long Using Earrings

Not using earrings for a long period of time, can also be a cause for earring holes.

Using new earrings after a long period not wearing any of them can lead to earring holes stink by the combination of dirt, and eventually skin issues.

Get quality earings for which you have no skin issue, and consider getting rid of old ones.

2 Moist ears

After bathing, we usually forget to dry the ears, especially in the earring section.

This is one of the causes of odor in the earring hole because the condition becomes moist.

In that case, make sure that your Bath Towels ‌ are clean, and consider getting new ones.

Make sure that they are hypoallergenic and it should help drying your earhols properly and solve the earring holes stink that might be due to that reason.

3 Never Clean the Earrings

Earrings that we use every day, or made from gold or not we should clean at least 1 time a week.

Clean the earrings using alcohol or special soap.

Its function is so that dirt and oil do not settle for long in the earring hole.

4 Solution to earring holes stink problem

The best way to remove the bad smell earring hole that you might be experiencing, is to clean your ear holes properly using an Hear Earwax Removal ‌ Kit for Ear Cleaning and Irrigation that will correctly get out any wax stuck in your ears, without hurting yourself.
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